Dragon Ball Super Episode 7 English Dubbed


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  • The Dragon God

    Honestly, with how anger Vegeta got, he should have turned SSj3. And wtf, Gohan got rekted in one hit! Gohan used to be my favorite. Hell if need be, used the Dragon Balls to wish Gohan to his teen age, because his adult side is downright pathetic. Wtf, can he no longer even turn Super Saiyan? Even Goten is stronger then him.

    • TimmyTrex3

      wow you really don’t pay attention at all do you… it was explained pretty fuckin clearly.. and wishing Gohan to be a teen again? That is the dumbest fuckin idea of dumb ideas… He is a man with a career and a baby, but you think being a teenager just so he has his SS2 strength is a good idea? wow…